A postcard from Hell

So this is the coolest postcard in a long, long time – coming from Hell. Yes, Hell. A small town located in Michigan, USA. :D That’s probably the coolest name for a town I’ve ever heard. O’Neal, who sent me this lovely postcard, was sweet enough to go through the extra trouble of getting it actually sent out from Hell, so the postcard has awesome post marks and – as you can see – it’s even burnt a little bit at its bottom! Thank you, O’Neal! :)


4 thoughts on “A postcard from Hell

  1. I’ve been to Hell, too! It is a fun little town. We bought 100 of the postcards and then sat in the car and wrote all 100 so we could get them all postmarked … and it was COLD, and snowy! I had address labels made in advance of the trip, so I didn’t have to look any up, and we pretty much wrote the same thing on all the cards.

    There is a little “chapel” in Hell and it has a ? on the top instead of a cross. They do weddings there and if we ever get married, we may get married in Hell.

  2. I saw the chapel. I read somewhere that you can pay to be Mayor of Hell for a few hours. As Mayor, one of the things you get to do is postmark and burn mail. How fun would that be?!


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