Vilnius, Lithuania

So today I found this awesome postcard in my mailbox, from my pal Ugne. It’s from Vilnius, Lithuania. It’s one of those awesome folded kind of postcards with the panoramic view on the inside. (the kind I cannot find here in Zagreb, haha)

Anyway, here’s the front side:

And here is what you see when you open it once:

And this is what you see when it’s fully opened. I had to take a photo of it (sorry for the low quality) because it didn’t fit into my scanner.

It’s really, really awesome!!! You know what else is awesome? Those fluffy clouds in the photos! <3


4 thoughts on “Vilnius, Lithuania

    1. No, it came with no trouble what so ever. In fact, it came in perfect shape! Usually thicker postcards like this get bent or torn or something – but luckily, this one survived the travel in a perfect condition! :)

  1. Yesterday I got your postcard! Thank you so much! Hvala! You ask me about Croatian language. I’m slow with it. I try to read text and learn new words. I don’t have much time now, but after 3 weeks I’ll be free and I’ll start to work harder. You can write me in Croatian ;) I like to read. Only to write is really difficult to me.

  2. Wow, that is one cool postcard! I don’t think I have ever seen one like that before, that folds up, I mean. It’s a beautiful view of Vilnius, and yes, those puffy clouds are an extra bonus!


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