Reno, Nevada, USA

This is a really cool postcard from O’Neal that also came with today’s mail. It’s showing Reno, a city in Nevada – or (as the sign in the picture says) “the biggest little city in the world”. I was curious to find out why it’s called that way, and the explanation I found on Google is: “Because it is.” Hmm, good one.

Later on I continued searching and basically it comes out to this: really popular among tourists (not so much foreign ones, but many American tourists go there), loads of casinos and hotels and touristy stuff and pretty much anything you might need. As I’ve read somewhere, it became a city motto through time.

Anyhow. I really like this postcard, it’s quite a nice picture! And check out the stamps! No postmark again, haha. :)

Thank you O’Neal for this cool postcard!


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