This is a postcard that came from my pal Hilarie. I love the view and colors! :) It’s showing Great Falls of the Potomac, in Maryland. The back of the postcard says. “The waters of the Potomac hurdle down 77 feet in a half-mile, providing a perfect natural beauty stop just 15 miles from Washington. Great Falls Park, opearted by the National Park Service, offers fishing, canoeing, hiking, rock climbing and picnicking.”


The second card is showing St. Louis, Missouri, and it came from O’Neal.

Such a beautiful view, I can’t stop looking at it. O’Neal says that the prettiest views of the St. Louis skyline are actually from Illinois, across the Mississippi River and that was a bit surprising to me. Mainly cause I had no clue they were that close. :)

O’Neal also sent me this AWESOME New Jersey Devils decal. Did I say it’s awesome?? Just to make sure I did – it’s awesome! ;) Thank you so much! I wish I can stick it on my forehead and parade around like that, that’s how much I like it.

Great stamps too, I must say. They make me wish Croatia had a better variety of stamps.

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