Las Vegas, USA

I got this lovely postcard from my pal Karen, who visited Las Vegas in August. Kind of typical Las Vegas view, huh? For some reason, Las Vegas makes me think of people with orange hair. :) And ice hockey!! Anyone else excited for the new NHL season?? So soon! I’m sooooo ready for some sleepless nights spent in front my computer screen watching the games! :D

Anyway, enough of my rambling. Karen, thanks for the great card! :)


5 thoughts on “Las Vegas, USA

  1. I have to know why Las Vegas makes you think of people with orange hair? Because of the comedian, Carrot Top? I must not know some vital information about Las Vegas. …As for NHL hockey, I’m not much of a hockey fan…but….Go Blues!

  2. Haha, no, I’ve never even heard of Carrot Top! I just know a peson who recently moved to Las Vegas and has orange hair, nothing more to it. :)
    As for the Blues… okay, I can deal with them. As long as you don’t say “Go NY Rangers”, we’re fine. :D

  3. Ah ok. Orange hair in Vegas is probably not that uncommon. Ha! ….Making sure I never mention NY Rangers to you ; ) I just looked to see when the season starts. The Blues first game is this Saturday against the Nashville Predators. (I didn’t even know that Nashville had a hockey team!) By then, I will either be extremely bouncing-off-the-walls happy or extreeemely bummed, depending on the outcome of the St. Louis Cardinals (baseball) game Friday night. Go Cards! Go Blues!

  4. Update : ) St. Louis Blues lost their opener last night, and the St. Louis Rams (American-style football) have a bye week, so they are taking a break from their losing streak, BUT I am extremely bouncing-off-the-walls happy because the St. Louis Cardinals won friday night, and advance to the next round of playoffs!! Hope you’re enjoying all the hockey games and having a good weekend.

    1. I really need to learn more about baseball, I’m clueless about that sport. And American football. I know it’s a bit similar to rugby, but not quite the same. :) I’m happy to hear your team won, it’s always a great thing. :D

      Oh… and hockey…the Devils lost their first game which is annoying, but the season has just begun and hopefully they’ll play better than they did last season.
      Our local team here in Zagreb (called Medveščak) won last night though. That was probably my second favorite game in the last three seasons. Fun fun fun! :D


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