Port Angeles, Washington, USA

Funny thing about this postcard from Port Angeles, WA. Two or three months ago there was some giveaway and you could sign up to receive a postcard from there. So I did, I signed up – both for myself and for a friend of mine. And forgot all about it. :) Then yesterday I saw my friend posted the picture of the postcard she got on her Facebook profile, laughed a little and said “nope, it wasn’t me”. Later on I found the same postcard in my mailbox, wondered about it a little bit and then I remembered that giveaway. A nice surprise! :D



3 thoughts on “Port Angeles, Washington, USA

  1. Beautiful card from Washington! Funny story about it, but seems a little odd that there was nothing written on the back of it referring to the giveaway.

    1. My friend’s card said “wish you were here”, which is what reminded me as I specifically asked for it to be written. Otherwise no, not a word mentioning the giveaway. :)


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