USA from O’Neal

Today I found these two lovely postcards in my mailbox. They are both from sweet O’Neal (his blog). We’ve been going through each other blogs and commenting postcards for a long, long time and this is the first time we’ve actually traded. :) I absolutely <3 both postcards, thanks O’Neal! :)

This one is showing hay bails in Missouri. Missouri is well known for its agriculture and has the second largest number of farms of any state. Some of the major crops are soybeans, corn and hay. Missouri also produces a large number of cattle and hogs.

This postcard is showing “the Gateway to the West” – The Jefferson National Expansion Memorial in St. Louis, Missouri.


3 thoughts on “USA from O’Neal

    1. I know, they are awesome! You’re jealous now, aren’t you!? ;)
      Thank you again, I really love these cards. You picked the perfect ones! :D


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