the smell of postcards :)

Today’s mail made me giggle!!!

First, there was this awesome postcard of Niagara Falls from my wonderful postcard pal Karen. Right now I’m pretty sure Karen can read my mind :) cause I swooned over postcard looking a lot like this one just a few days ago – and what do I find in the mail today??

Karen, thanks for reading my mind! :) :)

Second, I got this AWESOME postcard from London. Another postcard pal of mine, Anu, sent it to me from a Postcrossing meet-up there. That was just so so sweet!!! And it was signed by all the other Postcrossers that were there so it makes it that much nicer! Thanks!

Last, but definitely not least :) I got a postcard from my newest pal Katie. A while ago she sent me a surprise postcard from Pittsburgh, but we never really got in touch until about a week ago when I saw her post on PC forum. She said she’s looking for new postcard pals so – YAY!!! Anyway, she sent me this really really amazing postcard of Chicago. Wow. I wish I could stop staring at it for one second! Thanks Katie! :)


4 thoughts on “the smell of postcards :)

  1. Wow, 3 great cards! Niagara Falls is even more beautiful when viewed from the Canadian side. The card of Chicago is stunning with those clouds overhead. And the London card is cool, I’m sure you will treasure it always.

  2. Prekrasan hobi, i odlicna ideja za blog! Uzitak mi je bio pogledati stare razglednice Zagreba, a i ova iz Chicaga je predivna! U vrijeme kad snail mail postupno izumire, i u postanskim sanducicima pronalazimo samo junk mail i racune, lijepo je za promjenu uljepsati nekom dan razglednicom!


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