Germany & USA

Well well, these two came in the mail two days ago! :)

First one is from the USA, showing Half Moon Lake, Minnesota. It’s an official Postcrossing card, and from what I could read – the sender, Sara, took the photo herself and got it printed as a postcard. ::likes a lot::

The second one is from my postcard pal Amy, showing different areas of university in Gottingen, Germany. It looks cool!!!

And people, seriously, how do you store your postcards??? I’m in desperate need for some good tips. :)


4 thoughts on “Germany & USA

  1. I have a number of containers similar to that bin lined up on my shelves – one for letter paper, one for blank notecards I’ve made, one for unused postcards, and then multiple ones to organize received letters and postcards. It is easy to organize that way, and they stack nicely if I need to!

  2. Nives, you’re welcome! Those particular bins are clear. It’s nice to be able to glance at the bins and see all those cool cards neatly stored inside : )

    Ange, I have several bins too, for received cards and unused cards. They are stackable also, which is a nice feature.


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